Pre-installing procedure


8-bit AVR microcontrollers are getting more and more popular chips for many proposal. They utilise the AVR RISC Architecture, have more than one hundred instructions, most of them executes at single clock cycle. They have also nice peripheral devices like 8/16 bit timer, analogue comparator, PWM, serial interface and full duplex UART. Lots of software has been developed for these chips, but unfortunately we did not find a good simulator. More information about the Atmel chips you can find on it's site

About the Program

This program is a simulator/debugger for Atmel AVR flash microcontrollers, built with Motif (incompatible with Less Tiff). It has language independent interface. This version can almost fully simulates AT90S and ATmega series. Debugger allows you to see and change any piece of memory, like registers, I/O ports, RAM and EEPROM at any time. It is possible to imitate I/O ports by means of reading data from a file and saving I/O ports in a file. Clock frequency of microcontroller and WatchDog timer are changeable.

Installing the Program

Pre-installing procedure

There is no special pre-installing procedures, but be sure you have Motif version 2.1.30 or higher installed on your machine. The simulator will not work with Less-Tiff. If your machine does not have it, you can download it from the primary site, Motifzone. You also need to have gettext system. More information about internationalisating and localisating programs you can find here.


There are two ways of building the program.

The first (recommended) uses xmkmf standard X11 utility to create general Makefile.

If the first way was fault due to some reason, you can try the general Makefile that we suggested. Copy Makefile.generic into Makefile, edit some variables to reach correspondence of your particular system.

Having your Makefile ready, you can try to execute command make


Sergiy Uvarov
Olexiy Tykhomyrov